Thursday, 4 December 2008


Today the group received help from Rob Jones. Here he told us all about lighting. However, we had many problems. Firstly, the hills were creating some weird shadows, so we raised them up slightly off the ground, and switches off the cast shadows feature. We then created a point light (we used this because it turned out to look the best) and pointed it towards the ground. The mountain's shadow was eclipsing the village so we switched off the cast shadows feature on it. We then created another light on the opposite side to light the front of the houses. We created a sphere, cut it in half and imported my skyplane on it. We clicked the normalise feature on the even the skyplane. Finally we coloured the point light a red to create a sunset effect. we also coloured the other light a light purple. to reflect the colour of the sky.
This creates a very moody effect and everyone is happy with it.


Josh Cook said...
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Josh Cook said...

Good stuff seem's like y'all did an ace job. The sunset is hella cool. Sorry I didn't make it in today, the weather done screwed up my sinuses. Gives me migranes and shizz. Looks like you didn't need me anyway, 3 thumbs up...that's right 3 I grew another one just to give ya 3 thumbs up.