Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Fresh Prince has returned...

I was thinking about the idea of using cell shaded graphics in our final movie. In my opinion if we are not care full it could look a bit pants. However, when we were at the Eurogamer Exbo, I got to play the new Prince or Persia and loved the art style. I think shooting for something like this should be our goal. Try and make it like a living illustration!

Yankee Flesh Eaters

Josh drew a zombie cowboy, today Sam drew a zombie cowboy so I thought "Screw it I'll draw a zombie cowboy too!". So here it is...a zombie cowboy. The perspectives a little funny on the legs.

Rough Storyboard

Here is a rough storyboard that I drew. It is a collection of quick ink sketches that illustrate ideas for shots for our fly through. These drawings are really basic, quite embarrassingly so, but I wanted to just get a rough idea down. They could be a little clearer, I might do a neater version later.

Old Sketch

This is an old sketch from a week ago that I did. It is a quick design of the main mountain (which I knick-named Turd Mountain) and the entrance to the mine. In our formative, Jared told me to analyse my work more. So here I thought that I could have worked on the perspective more and the pencil work is not that great. But my main aim was to get a quick design for the mountain down.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Colour Environment Concept

As promised here is my colour concept. I tried to incorporate the colour scheme from Sam's mood board. I've put two versions of the concept one with a grainy layer on top of it, I thought that maybe we could use this effect in the style of the final film.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Graveyard/Mine Cocept

Hey guys, here's a concept that I drew for the opening to the mine. I thought that we could turn it into a sort of graveyard due to all the deaths related to the mine. This is also a style experimentation, it's definitely up for debate so tell me what you think. I have another colour design coming up but photoshop is not doing what it's told.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Fly though

Hey guys here is a cool moody flythrough, it's the opening from Nightmare Before Christmas. It's got a really cool mood to the opening which I think, could be incorperated into the movie (except we won't rape Tim Burton's style like every other animation student on the planet!)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Hey this clip was a suggestion from my sister. I saw the clip and realised that the movie has a very cool design for a mining area. It is very tall and speratic!

Nevada Smith

Hey guys, I've been watching some old westerns and this one is pretty cool. It's called Nevada Smith and it stars Steve Mcqueen as a mixed race native american. Yeah I still find that part pretty unbelievable. It's about a boy who, after his parents are murdered by bandits, sets out on an all out kill-fest in revenge. He pretty much goes through the entire movie kicking the crap out of anyone he remotly resembles a cowboy, unfortunatly due to the limited wardrobe of the movie, that means that most of the cast gets an ass whopping. The reason I mentioned this film is because the area where he lives is a mining village. Unfortunately I couldn't find a clip so instead i posted the movie's title sequence! :)


Now I know what you guys are thinking, "Why the Hell has Lewis put Batman on the blog page, when we are doing a western theme?". Well, after giving you a sharp slap to the forehead, I would say "let me explain myself". The reason why I have posted a clip from Batman is because of one The Batman animated TV show had a fantastic simple, blockey style. To me it stands out with lots of character. This clip in particular shows off such environments. Simple and punchy is what I, personally, am after in this project.

Mining Village Concept

Here's a concept that I drew for the mining village. Here I have drawn the entrance to the mine embedded into a deep canyon. I decided to have the idead that the actual village is build into the rockface, rather than have it built on the ground as I thought it was more interesting. I thought that the poeple who lived near the mine would leave the groung level for the workiers and live above the labour on the rocks.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

And another thing!

With Neil's post about bridges I thought about Goron City, from Zelda Ocarina of Time. The central part of the city has crossing ropes and is very sunbaked!

Possible Thought

With what Josh mentioned about the level in Oddworld, I got to thinking about smoggy, desolate areas. What came into my mind was the story about a mining village called Centralia which had to be evacuated. This town was the inspiration for the game Silent Hill. If you watch the documentary you will see pipes sticking out of the road...I quite like this idea.
Here's a sketch of a mountain side with a railway and a few abandonned buildings next to it!

Red Dead Revolver

Here's another scene from Red Dead Revolver. It's of a classic shoot out in an abandoned town!

Red Dead Revolver

Heres a mountainous scene from Red Dead Revolver... I thought it would be of some use!

Thinking of a wild west mining theme, my mind turned to Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland. I like the interesting shape of the mountain and the eclectic placement of the huts and machinery around the area!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Heres' a quick sketch of a windmill, the perspective is a bit messed up!

Here's a quick background design, it's of a badlands style mountain scene.